Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just Me...Not Winnie the Pooh...

on finding your purpose in life...In which Alex strives for perfection, Susan stumbles as she builds her treehouse , and God offers direction and purpose for their lives.

It was a beautiful day in the hundred acre woods. Pooh was walking along aimlessly, making up a new hum. On the other side of the woods, I was walking along in search of him. Needless to say, he didn't come my way. As I walked through the woods I kept hearing a voice, softly at first, but persistent. I sat down on a fallen log to contemplate what the voice was saying to me. As I sat in silence, I suddenly felt eyes staring at me. I turned around and found a little piglet carrying a balloon in his hand.
"Hello Piglet. Where are you off to?"
He smiled shyly, "I'm looking for Pooh, and here I've found you! What are you doing here today?"
"Well, I came to find Pooh and see about building a treehouse... but as I was walking along I kept hearing a voice calling me, and I stumbled over this log. So I thought I would just sit here a while and listen."
Piglet's eyes widened, "What did the voice say? Was it a helfalump?"
I giggled, "No Piglet, it wasn't a helfalump! It was a very special voice of a dear friend. Alex and I have been seeking God's purpose for our lives. Today God revealed a secret message to me in an acronym."
Piglet looked up at his balloon and sighed, "Ah, one of those. What did God say in this a crow name?"
"What is success?"
I nodded, "Yes, success. You use each letter in the word to stand for a direction to follow, so you can find purpose and success in your life. Like this, Piglet...
S - Seek God first
U - Understand his desire for you by reading his word.
C - Consider his purpose and plan laid out before you
C - Carry out his plan
E - Express his love freely to all
S - Support each other as you carry out God's purpose and plan
S - Serve only him...Let there be no other God in your life"

"Hmmm, success." Piglet scratched his chin and gazed up in the sky. "And did you find it?"
"I did, I shared God's word with you. Now we have found our purpose in life."

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