Sunday, July 11, 2010

Excerpt from Moon Dance by Susan K. Earl

A half moon greeted us as we rode sedately into the yard. I held on to Joe as I slipped silently off the horse, and his whispered “I love you” filled me with joy. I wandered thoughtfully toward the house and just about tripped over Rueben and Frank
as they lazed under a big shady pecan tree.
“That you, Maggie?” Frank asked. He looked beat and didn’t bother opening his eyes or waiting for my reply before he posed another question. “Joe all right?”

“Mmhmm. He’s stabling Rueben’s horse. Then he’ll be back.”
“I believe I’m too tired to budge from this spot, even with that wonderful smell comin’ from Mrs. Gilley’s kitchen.”
Rueben sat up, rubbing his eyes. “Think I’ll head on into the house and get a bite to eat ‘fore I sack out for the night. Y’all come on. Mom’s made chicken ‘n’ dumplins tonight, and it don’t get better’n that.” He reached out and pulled Frank up. “Come on now; you’ll feel better after you eat.”
They shuffled into the house like two old men, but Frank turned back at the kitchen door and searched through the darkness for me. “You comin’, Maggie?”
I called back softly, “When Joe gets back, we’ll be right in.” I leaned back against the sturdy old tree and gazed at the rising moon. Its light softly shimmered through the shadows, illuminating bits and pieces of the yard while leaving the rest in darkness.
It had been a long day, and I felt weary to the bone, but as I gazed at the glorious moon, I prayed, thanking God for his generous goodness, for Joe, for our families, and for that very
day of existence. Tears dampened my cheeks, not just from sadness or joy, but a mixture of the two. I closed my eyes and let the peacefulness of the moment sink into my soul.
All at once, I felt his heartbeat against mine, I felt his breath in my hair, and I imagined I heard his sweet voice

Moon Dance ~ a novel

Copyright © 2009 by Susan K. Earl. All rights reserved.


  1. Most enjoyable Susan...thanks for sharing this excerpt! :)

  2. Hi again,
    Susan, if you send me your URL and a picture of your book, I will be happy to post it at the end of your blogs on "A Wo-Man's Voice".