Sunday, July 18, 2010

Author Page - Susan K. Earl Life is so amazing! "I"- "me"- "Susan" have/has actually been getting fan mail! It is so wonderful to read "fans" comments and critiques. I truly appreciate each and everyone who has supported me in my endeavor. One of my "fans" sent me an e-mail and ask if I would write a blog about how I wrote my novel. I have attemped to do this, and I hope I did it to her satisfaction. I know some of my friends have already checked it out, but if not and you'd like to read it, click the highlighted link above. Also, if you would share this link with your friends, I would greatly appreciate it! (couldn't decide on the have or has, so I just put in both!)LOL

Also, please visit my facebook page and "LIKE" it. I am giving away a free copy of Moon Dance to the 2ooth person who "likes" my author page. Maybe it will be you!

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