Monday, June 28, 2010

Is it you? Are you there?

Tonight as I sit and contemplate getting started on the next chapter of the sequel to Moon Dance, I find myself wondering, just who out there is actually reading this blog. I hope it's reaching a multitude of folks who like Christian romance/ historical romance and will give Moon Dance a chance.
Writing a book is like giving birth to a child. You feel protective of it. You just want everyone to love it and no one to ever hurt its feelings. But the reality is that everyone has their own passion, their own taste in books, and not everyone will want to be your "child's" best friend.
I've had many best friends "good books" that I've loved throughout my life. And every time one of my favorite authors releases a new book, I can hardly contain myself before rushing to the nearest bookstore and getting my own copy.
I know a lot of you really like the new kindle and e-readers, but for me, I just have to have the book and hold it in my hand. I love to lay back against a huge pile of pillows and snuggle down for a good read. Tonight, for example, with only the sound of a soft rain falling and everyone else in the house sleeping, is a perfect night for a good book, a glass of wine, and a little time to unwind. I have just the perfect book waiting for me, calling my name... so for now dear friends, whoever you may be, goodnight!

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