Monday, June 14, 2010

Except from moon dance ~ a novel by Susan K. Earl

The sun hung low on the horizon as I slowly began to make my way back through the darkening woods. The lush, unrestrained spring foliage hindered me as I slipped silently back
down the dusky path; nevertheless, as my bare feet met the soft earth, I felt at home.
As I emerged from the woods, my thoughts drifted back to those left behind me, and in my mind again, I saw Papa standing out on the back porch, his rough hands cupped gently around Aunt Rachel’s face; her, red faced and crying, looking all soft and needy, him looking at her like he wanted to eat her up.
Papa looked at me like a mad dog when I stomped up onto the porch that day. His edgy eyes followed me, and I heard him nervously call out as I passed, “Maggie, you go on in the house
now and help your mama. Your aunt Rachel’s havin’ a real hard day, and right now she just needs me to help her get through it.”
You can’t fool me with your wicked lies, I thought as I furiously stormed into the house that blustery October day. I knew my papa was up to no good with Aunt Rachel, but what could I do.... Find out how to get your own copy of Moon Dance at

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