Monday, June 21, 2010

Interview with Author

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  1. Thanks for all the positive comments from my interview with Lori A. Moore. I hope you all enjoy(ed) reading my new novel moon dance!

    ladyjane1 3 weeks ago

    Awesome hub and Moondance sounds like an interesting book. Great interview. Cheers.

    tessa 3 weeks ago

    Love the hub and great interview. I'll have to buy a copy of moon dance asap. I needed to find a new summer read.

    fleur de li77 3 weeks ago


    vivmonet 3 weeks ago

    Moon Dance is a wonderful book! You'll love the characters and the story!

    Nancy 2 weeks ago

    I loved Moondance. The story felt very real, and the characters have so much heart. An exceptional first novel. I look forward to reading more of Susan Earl's books.

    Dolores Monet 2 weeks ago

    Great interview that reads like a story. Susan Earl's aunt must have been a remarkable woman, what a life. And great that Susan turned the aunt's life into a book.