Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Review for Moon Dance ~ a novel

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the novel, Moon Dance, by Author Susan Earl.  It is very easy to discern that Susan is passionate about her relationship with God as she so skillfully intertwines her own values in her novel about Maggie and Joe. The story takes place in Texas during the Great Depression yet despite the poverty and hardship that so many people endured; Maggie and Joe manage to find love and romance. Although, the main plot of Moon Dance revolves around the love they share, there are many other delightful characters that enhance the story line. There is much sadness and sorrow that is also addressed in this well-written, descriptive novel, but the faith of the family and the love that they all share manages to bring it to a happy conclusion. This book grabbed my attention right from the onset and I enjoyed it immensely." ~ Dolores Ayotte, author of Growing Up and Liking It
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