Thursday, October 21, 2010


I think autumn is definitely my favorite season. As the temperatures in Texas start to drop from those long days of heatstroke, depressingly hot summer days, it's as if a renewal has filled my being. A lightness is in my step that's been missing for several months. Autumn draws me outside for long walks in the cool evenings, or just lazing and reading/napping on my backporch with the fan creating a gentle breeze that washes over me ever so slightly, and draws the cool, comforting autumn air over me.
Even my pets seem so much more active and happy during autumn. My 51/2 year old Shiba Inu starts playing like a puppy again, the three year old, and even the cat join in with romps through the house and in the backyard. Every leaf or crab apple that falls from the trees is a new adventure for them to investigate and maybe even bury because digging in the dirt can bring such joy to the dogs.And oh my, when the squirrel decides to come for a visit and taunt them, they could not be more thrilled.  
I have nothing against springtime. I love this season as well, but springtime doesn't offer the treat of knowing there are cooler days to come. Springtime ushers in those long hot days of summer in Texas, while autumn, on the other hand promises mild, delightful days for several months, with only a few really cold days thrown in sparingly as winter approaches and takes over. Autumn temperatures in Texas dwindle slowly and last throughout most of the winter. Usually, only when spring approaches do we have those really severe cold snaps that often frighten our poor little plants back into the earth after they've thought February was just the right time to come on out and play in their colorful dresses. There they stand in all their glory,  dancing in the March breezes and singing silent songs that touch my heart with joy. And then, of all things, we have an ice or snow storm that chases them away.
Autumn in Texas may lack a lot of the color changes that you can see up north ( which I truly enjoy). but it does offer the promise of a mild winter when a cozy sweater and jeans are all you need to keep you warm and toasty.
Autumn also offers the joy of crunching through leaves, the smell of disturbed earth when I plant bulbs in hopes they will blossom in the spring, the joy of taking long walks in the cool evening air, and the promise of "fireplace" weather not far off in the future.
Today was the first day I really felt that tingling of an actual autumn day. It was lovely and I will cherish the memory as I sit inside at work tomorrow...ummm today...and I'll hope for another beautiful, cool autumn evening to explore and enjoy.
Blessings always,


  1. Susan,
    What a beautiful picture and article to describe your love for this wonderful season. I love fall too. Cooler climes can boost the drooping spirits of everyone and everything. Heat can takes its toll. Cool air can be very invigorating and its great to enjoy this fall season! Enjoy your weekend! D :)

  2. Thanks, Dolores, The pics are from our recent tour in the Berkshires and Vermont. It was a great girls' trip. We stopped at every place we wanted to, visited all the sites we chose to, and even stopped to ask for directions when we got lost! LOL.
    I am so enjoying autumn temps back here in Texas, and we are starting to get a little peek of color in the trees... although my roses are still blooming! Have a wonderful weekend! :) Susan