Friday, August 5, 2011

Moon Dance ~ a novel Chapters Nine and Ten

Moon Dance ~ a novel Chapters Nine and Ten

Greetings! I've finally made it home from the UK. It was a lovely journey and I met some wonderful folks along the way. The trip was very successful and enjoyable. I plan on sharing some of the highlights with you in future hubs. The only disappointing part of the journey was the end when our flight was cancelled just as they started boarding passengers. Forty or so hours later, we made it home, but sin sceal eile (that's another story)! Today I will share Chapters nine and ten of Moon Dance with you. These will be the last two chapters I put on-line. If you'd like to read the next fourteen chapters, I have the Amazon link listed below where you can purchase either the e-book or a perfect paperback of Moon Dance. If you'd like a signed copy, just e-mail me at for details.
I appreciate all my followers and hope you enjoy the love story of Maggie and Joe in Moon Dance.

To read the first ten chapters of Moon Dance ~ a novel  follow theses links:

Blessings & happy reading!

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