Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moon Dance ~ a novel Chapter 3

It's time for the next chapter of Moon Dance to be revealed. I feel like the newspaper serial writers of days gone by when my sister and I would wait anxiously for the next installment of a story to come out. Sometimes we had to wait a month because the story would be in a magazine instead of the newspaper. How far we've come in such a short span of time!
I thought I would include my most recent review before Chapter 3... Anticipation is key, and I like to build suspense and keep the reader "wanting" more. :)

"While reading "Moon Dance", I was taken to another time and place. Through the lives of Maggie and Joe, I became involved in the lives of two families and the hardships they each faced. I also enjoyed the love that drew them together and continued to grow despite the difficulties. With each new chapter, I was anxious to see what new adventures were in store for the characters.

Susan K. Earl has done an excellent job with her story "Moon Dance." Not only does she portray several characters and their families, she has intertwined faith, hard work, strength, courage, and forgiveness throughout their lives. This is not only a good read for entertainment, but also one that we can learn from. Great job!"

~ Amy Gatliff, author of The Power to Never Give Up

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