Saturday, August 21, 2010

Memory Makers

I have discovered that to write and to write well, it's necessary to have experienced many adventures along life's way. I've often been asked what parts of my novel Moon Dance are fact and what parts fiction. I usually just smile and offer, "It's partly truth and partly fiction, and I'm not tellin' which is which." I like to keep a few secrets to myself. The historical setting and certain public incidents did actually take place, although I did use creative license as I wrote. I wanted the storyline to flow smoothly and the characters to become real to the reader. I'm now working on the sequel to Moon Dance, and I really can't say when it will be completed. I would love to have it finished already, but in writing historical fiction I also need to make sure I've used both primary and secondary resources to create a realistic presence within a work of fiction. This takes a lot of time and I often get lost in the research itself because I find it so intriguing. I am working hard and would love to have it through the publishing process by sometime next summer. It took between two and a half to three years to research, write, and complete the publishing process of Moon Dance.

Many of my readers have told me the characters in Moon Dance are so realistic, and they truly feel as if they know them personally. Many readers have commented on the depth of emotions the book's characters portray, and one reader even asked how I could create such an intense feeling of romance and passion without including the "graphic" scenes found in so many romance novels. Moon Dance is a romance, it's full of all the strong emotions that one goes through when they fall in love. It is also a story of struggle, faith, family, and of working together for the benefit of all. It is a Christian historical romance that reaches out and touches the depths of our souls. At least, I hope to create this experience in all my readers.

The title of this hub, Memory Makers, came to me at my book signing today at Borders Books. I love to meet all the new wonderful people who come into bookstores, as well as share time with friends who drop by to lend me support as I "move on" in this new and exciting journey. Today's "Memory Maker" came about as I talked with numerous folks who dropped by my little table to browse through the pages of Moon Dance, ask questions about the book, or to purchase their own copy. I talked about Moon Dance, the setting and the characters, as well as offered little historical facts that can be found within it's pages. This sparked memories within the readers' hearts as well, and they shared their memories of people, places, and times with me. I always cherish these moments whether the person purchases a copy of my novel or not. It is the personal interaction, the recollection of memories, and sharing between two souls that tells us all we matter, we are all the same, and we all have a story to tell.

It is not often we have the opportunity to share our own inner being with complete strangers. Although when you open the door to "memories", a kind of magic happens. No longer are you strangers; you have become friends.



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